Guide for Sellers

Is it on?
Telephone 07858 202618 Decision known by 10am the day before.

Do I need to book?
No, there’s no need to book, just turn up on the day with your entry money and we’ll find you a space.

What time can I start? 
Gates Open for sellers at 8am. Gates open for buyers at 10am

Are there toilets on site?
Yes, there are 3 toilets male and female at our site.

Is there food?
Yes we have inspected and licensed caterers at our sites and Kellys ice cream.

Is there anything I can’t sell?
No animals, weapons or replicas, alcohol or cigarettes to be sold on site, apart from that anything second hand is fine.
Only the licensed caterers with prior permission are permitted to sell food and drink for consumption on the site.
Sellers of counterfeit goods or anything illegal will be reported & will be asked to leave… no return of entry fees.

What do I need?
It can help to have a table, a tarpaulin or old blanket to lay on the ground and a ‘float’ of cash. It’s a good idea to pack the table last then it comes out first! Have an idea what you’re going to charge for each item because the moment we open the site you’ll start selling!

Who do I pay and when?
Please have your money ready to pay on entry to the Car Boot field (prices on the main page).

What time does it finish?
When it does, depending on the weather, but you may leave at any time.

Can I choose my pitch?
Pitches are available on a first come first served basis, please follow the directions of our friendly staff.

What happens if it rains?
Unfortunately we can’t control the weather!
– If it’s heavily raining on the day we will cancel, you can check our website or give us a call for the latest updates – We make our decision at 10am on the Friday before each event.
– If it rains during a sale and you haven’t set-up your stall and you wish to leave please make yourself known to a member of staff before driving off so it can be confirmed you haven’t opened.